By: David Cohen

With the camping season upon us, this month’s issue will focus on gadgets and equipment that is friendly to the environment, as well as handy tools on-the-go.  This section is to serve as a guide to new Eco-friendly products that are being introduced this year.   We live in a world based on the fascination of technology and power, so the following products that will be reviewed all are based on that principle, from trying to finish a late night assignment for work on the laptop,  turning your iPod on to your favorite song,  making an emergency call on your smart phone, or even when in need, some spare light in the middle of the night for the time “when nature calls.” I would like to note that all products were found and can be further reviewed at:

Recyclable Batteries : When it comes to keeping your business “green,” as previously discussed in this issue, recylable batteries are a big focus for environmental safety. According to, as early as this spring, a nation-wide voluntary recycling program will launch in the United States. Batteries contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel.  When not correctly disposed of they can become very dangerous to the environment (polluting water and air). However, recyclable batteries can be more cost-effective for the consumer. They have a longer life span, which in turn means less batteries necessary over a certain period of time and more money in your pocket.

Bedol Water Clocks : Where do you plug in the power cord or put in the AA batteries? Ok, its not a paperwieght.  This alarm clock runs off of H20. Yes, water.  These unique sets of clocks are available in any assortment of color, shape, and size also require zero use of electricity, chemicals, or batteries to function. You can’t go wrong with a clock that runs up to six months at a time with one fill. A built- in memory chip these clocks keep telling time even when its time to “re-fill” the tank. “Bedol has merged beauty with brains, producing clocks that have a positive impact on the environment with lots of divine appeal and practical use.” – Kirsten Silven

British firm CrossKase launches Solar 15 backpack : Have you ever had your laptop, phone, iPad, MP3 player, and camera all run out of juice at the same time?  That can all be solved with the newest backpack from CossKase. The state-of-the-art bag “features a three Watt built-in solar panel, which uses sunlight and artificial light to charge gadgets on-the-go.” Supposedly it is the most powerful of it’s kind built with a high-capacity internal battery, which uses trickle charges to store energy. “CrossKase is a British company launched this year and aims to become the market leader in bag design and technology by keeping ahead of fast-moving technology and developing quality products.”

The Multi-functional Eton SCORPION : Getting ready for that big camping adventure? The SCORPION is designed to make your venture into the wild safer and more enjoyable.  Truly living up to its “multi-functional”  name, this tool is a:

LED torch, USB charger, Bottle opener, AM/FM radio tuner, NOAA Weather Band, Digital clock, Headphone jack, Audio line input

Built with a strong durable exterior, 2.5″ x 6.375″ in tall, and 8.5 ounces, the Eton SCORPION produces Eco-friendly energy that is a great tool and peace of mind instrument for any emergency.