Suntactics has gone several steps beyond what other companies have to offer by creating a portablesolar charger capable of charging two iPads at the same time.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) April 23, 2013

There is a new portable solar charger on the market that can charge two iPads at the same time, the inventor claims that not only can it fully charge two iPads in one day, but that the solar charger is also capable of charging an iPhone or an iPad at wall charging speeds.

“It may take all day to fully charge two iPads at the same time, but this should give people an idea on how powerful it is”, said inventor Dean Sala, CEO of Suntactics, “no other portable solar charger can charge two [iPads] at the same time, the S12 can.”

The unique charger is called the sCharger-12, it’s a dual port mini solar panel that looks similar to a laptop that folds open, it’s shiny laminated surface holds together a pair of black solar cells that provide enough juice to power a wide range of devices. The company also sells a similar, yet smaller version of the sCharger-12 called the sCharger-5, it’s much smaller than its “big brother” and more lightweight and compact.

Suntactics also claims that their portable charging panels can also solar charge an iPad while it’s in use, the inventer exclaims; “People can solar charge an iPad outside and at the same time surf the web, check email, listen to music, and watch movies. This is a must have item especially when summer is just around the corner.”

The sCharger-12 uses the highest-grade of materials, the black monocrystalline solar cells are placed on a lightweight resin composite board and sealed in protected laminate. The laminate is used to protect the cells and circuitry from water, and it gives the cells better efficiency in capturing UV rays.

About Suntactics

Suntactics is a California based company founded by inventor Dean Sala, since 2009 the company has focused on portable solar and off-the-grid solar technology products. The company first worked on a unique 5-watt handheld solar charger called the sCharger-5, and then went off making the revolutionary sCharger-12, the 14-watt solar charger that is capable of charging two iPads at the same time, and capable of charging an iPhone or an iPad at wall charging speeds. Both portable solar charger are high-performance and durable that meet the needs for almost any portable device that uses a male USB connection. The units are manufactured in the USA by a company called Fastrak, a veteran owned manufacturer in Milpitas. Suntactics is headquartered in San Jose, CA

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