Whether we’re trying to build a business, or are involved with any group or organization, there is always a call for leadership – the stuff that motivates and inspires people towards greater heights and greater levels of accomplishment.

So what is your perspective on leadership?  If we were to look back on the past hundred years, we would see the different trends that have come and gone when it comes to leadership.  To name a few, they are: behavioral, situational relational and transformative.

Today, however, the discussion on leadership points to the emerging characteristics of an authentic, spiritual or servant leader.  This suggests that we are getting more and more in touch with ourselves and our surroundings as our identity with society evolves with each generation.

While there are many definitions of leadership and which continue to morph and change, there is also a wide variety of characteristics involved with its delivery.  In fact, research on the subject tells us that it involves the art of influencing people towards some form of achievement.  Is this not true leadership?

Universally, there are six well established traits that a genuine leader must demonstrate. As you read through these traits, you might be interested in doing self-evaluation of where you might belong. They include:

Intelligence –  good language, perceptual and reasoning skills.  This is the ability to show the world that you can think.  The better we think, the better we lead.

Confidence – self -assured and no feelings of uncertainty.  There is no second guessing here!  This naturally builds over time with practice, and clear visioning of the task at hand.

Charisma –  the x –plus factor of magnetic appeal and charm.    The power to influence is exceptional as competency is demonstrated in the fabric of the leader’s lifestyle.

Determination – focused and capable to get the job done.  This is the face of perseverance and the pro-activeness to reach the destination.

Sociability – friendly, outgoing and courteous.  Friends and followers are always nearby due to the win/win presence of the individual’s empathy and connectedness with society.

Integrity – principled, honest and trustworthy.   This makes people believe in a leader, because the leader takes responsibility for their actions.  They walk the walk with a sense of authenticity and transparency.

So how did you do?  Like my father always taught me, no matter how good you think you are, there is always room for improvement.  This is especially true when it comes to integrating and manifesting these beneficial traits in our lives.

If we blend all of these traits together and mix them up with our own individual personality and unique characteristics, we are sure to arrive at our own meaning of this wonderful dynamic we call “leadership.”

The trick, like everything else in life, is to understand that leadership is an art, and the best leaders seem to capture this quality in everything they do.