Product Review by Steve Schantz

There is no doubt that Germany has produced some fine products.  We can thank the Germans for aspirin, toothpaste, and of course, beer.  The German Army has become adept at creating products that last, are versatile, and useful.  The German butter dish is also one of those products that has lasted the test-of-time.

The German butter dish is a small container originally designed to store food for German soldiers’ field packs. The dish is circular in design, measuring 4” in diameter by 1” high.  The dish is made from aluminum and contains a removable plastic liner. The container is virtually crushproof, light-weight and compact. After some rudimentary research, I found the dish is often listed as waterproof. However, my water test did not indicate it was waterproof. At best, I would state the container is water resistant. The container is of simple design and consists of a bottom, or base, and a removable top.  The base is constructed of aluminum and contains a removable plastic liner with three nodules located on the exterior, connecting to the top. The top is also aluminum with an O-ring located on the inside and three notches or grooves where the base nodules are inserted, then twisted to ensure the top is shut.  The top does fit snuggly, which makes it basically airtight and water-resistant.  I assume if you remove the plastic liner, you could then heat the base over an open fire.

Outside of the original use as food storage, other uses for the German butter dish are many. The dish could be utilized as a light-weight, versatile storage container to hold matches, fire starting materials, fishing tackle, small electronics, and important documents such as maps.  In addition, you could use it to store and keep money dry, small hunting supplies handy, or car keys safe.  The dish could also be utilized to hold jewelry and personal hygiene products during camping trips.  Since Joes Army Navy and most other supply stores price the container under $3.00, it makes an inexpensive and versatile storage container that would suit any survivalist and should be listed as a “must-buy” for most preppers.