Sterno Folding Stove Review


by Anthony Yeary

Recently, I lost power in my home for an extended period of time after a thunderstorm blew out our power grid. I found myself in a position where starting a fire to heat meals was not completely practical and that was really the only method that I had planned on in emergencies. In an attempt to further refine my preparedness, I purchased a portable stove made by Sterno.

The Sterno Folding Stove, when folded into shape is approximately 5 inches tall, 6 ½ inches wide, and 6 ½ inches deep. When folded for storage its dimensions are the same except its height, which is around 1 inch tall. The fuel cans (sold separately) are 2 ¼ inches tall and 3 ¼ inches in diameter. Neither the stove nor the cans weigh very much and their small size makes them excellent for keeping in bug-out bags or storing in vehicles. The test for the stove occurred in the morning with an outdoor temperature of 58 degrees; a temperature and feeling that conjured up memories of almost every time I’ve been camping. I struck a match to the purple colored alcohol-based substance inside the can and it ignited easily. To give you an idea as to its ease of use, there was still enough time to light a cigarette with the same match. There was no visible flame, only the sound of it popping and the feel of heat radiating from the can.

If there is bad news about the folding stove, it is this: I could not get water to boil; it simply will not generate enough heat. I tried to boil six cups, then three, then two, and then one. No amount of water would reach a temperature of more than 180 degrees. Therefore, it is inadequate for purifying water or performing serious cooking.

In reality, it is a portable version of the heaters that a caterer would use at a wedding reception.  Or to put it another way, it is a larger and reusable version of a M.R.E. water heater. This is where the folding stove can be more effectively used: warming up food like soup, Chef Boyardee canned food, or heating up Spam. As my portable supply of food in my bag consists of stuff like this, it actually works well for me.

Surplus stores may want to consider carrying this product. It offers a stopgap between foods that are eaten cold and food that requires legitimate cooking. It’s small, lightweight, and affordable, plus it has the versatility of use in the wilderness or on your back porch while you wait for the electric company to turn the lights back on. With it now in my bag, at least I will be able to eat Spam singles and chicken noodle soup warm while I listen to my battery-powered radio in the dark.  Luxurious, right?


Voodoo Tactical Electronic Gadget Pouch

By Kiernan Manion

Protecting expensive handheld electronics seems simple at first, but even in everyday use, accidents happen. Water, misplacement and gravity are the core enemies of our cell phones, smartphones and other electronic devices. In military and tactical applications, the risk calls for even more protection while maintaining quick accessibility.

This electronic gadget pouch from Voodoo Tactical is a compact, secure option for carrying and protecting electronic devices and tools. Voodoo Tactical is known for making top-quality products to meet military and law enforcement specifications. For the rising use of electronics in the field, and in the general public, this is a product everyone will consider for themselves.

Since the late 1990s and into the turn of the century, electronic devices have grown in popularity and implementation more than any other product category. This pouch is manufactured to tactical and military specifications, so it will more than serve the needs of the everyday consumer.

Designed with portability and practicality in mind, this pouch measures only 4.5” tall x 3” wide. It is constructed of rugged pack cloth and fastens with Velcro-style fasteners on the top and back flaps. This pouch is part of a long line of attachments for field gear and tools carried on your person.

The Voodoo Tactical Electronic Gadget Pouch has a soft inner liner with extra padding to protect your phone or device. The inner liner is made of fleece, so it won’t scratch or damage your screen. This gadget pouch is expandable for varied size units and phone models. Another useful feature of this product is an earbud exit slot for headphones or Bluetooth accessories.

This pouch is MOLLE compatible, to fit on your vest or pack. MOLLE pouches are often used to attach to tactical vests, bags, backpacks and drop leg platforms. There is also an optional belt loop that allows it to be worn on a belt. It is built with strong, weather-resistant material.

Most phone cases and belt holsters are designed to be as affordable as possible, to the point where they’re ineffective. For the same price, this pouch will protect your device from all angles, and will withstand extreme conditions.

The Electronic Gadget Pouch is available in coyote, black, olive drab and digital Army camo color patterns. Another comparable model from Voodoo Tactical (sized at 3.5″ W x 5.5″ H) features two internal compartments, one of which is zippered for security, and a key-holder clip. Visit for more information.

The popularity of tactical pouches, packs and cases for electronic devices is consistent within the Army Navy surplus industry. From tablets and computers to GPS and communication devices, consumers will always be looking for affordable and practical ways to preserve their expensive electronics. This is just one of many quality products that surplus retailers should evaluate for their store’s needs.


Hanz Extremity Waterproof Gloves and Socks


by Kyle MacNall

As an avid outdoorsman and former construction worker, I know how important it is to keep your hands and feet dry when in the elements.  Over the years I have tried everything to keep my hands dry. First I bought neoprene gloves. They kept my hands dry; however, they are so stiff and tight that I had very little range of motion in my hands when wearing them. This makes it very difficult when trying to stick your finger in a trigger, use a tool or tie on a lure. So then I bought work gloves that had been dipped in rubber. They didn’t squeeze my hands but it’s nearly impossible to handle any small objects or tie a knot as they are big and bulky. Also, because they are dipped in rubber, my hands would oftentimes sweat from being unable to breath. Lastly, I can’t tell you how many pairs of so called waterproof boots I have worn over the years with wet socks because the boots weren’t as waterproof as I might have thought.

Hanz Extremity Wear has come up with the solution. Their breathable waterproof gloves & socks are made with Silent-Knit Technology to ensure your hands and feet stay dry in any situation without sacrificing comfort or mobility. I had a chance to test out both the socks and gloves on a recent ice fishing trip in -10 degrees weather. At these temperatures wet feet or hands can lead to serious injury.

The gloves are exactly what I have been looking for. The breathable fabric is extremely comfortable and moves freely. My hands do not feel squeezed like with the neoprene, nor are they sweating in the big bulky rubber gloves. The entire day I was able to keep the gloves on whether I was reaching into the minnow bucket, pulling a fish out of the hole or tying on a new lure. The gloves worked great and didn’t restrict me at all.

It didn’t matter how much snow I got in my boot, my feet remained dry and warm. The socks added a little more insulation to my feet as well. Being made of the same breathable fabric I’m sure I could have submerged my foot into the water. However, at -10 degrees, decided it was best to keep my boots on.

Hanz Extremity Wear gloves and socks need to be in any military surplus, survival or outdoor store. They are perfect for anybody who works outside or with water, or any hunter, fisherman or camper. The gloves come at an MSRP of $34.95 and the socks MSRP ranging from $37.55 to $39.95. For more information about this state of the art technology, visit their website at or contact Nick Richino at 949-858-3119.

RamRodz Gun Cleaning Swabs


By Anthony Yeary

I like guns. I love shooting sports. But, I am not alone when I say that I really don’t look forward to cleaning my guns after a day’s shooting. Gunpowder blast residue is a pain to clean off and some of the tools used to perform this operation are really not that efficient when you think about it. I’m speaking about the cleaning patch. The patch is a flat, square piece of cloth that you run down a round bore and expect it to do a thorough job. There are alternative products out there like the Bore Snake (which I have a hard time getting used to) and there are RamRodz. RamRodz are a very simple and efficient alternative to the traditional cleaning patch and is the subject of my review.

The best way to describe the RamRod cleaning tool is that it is like an industrial strength cotton swab for your gun. The rod itself is made of bamboo and is very flexible; you actually have to try and break one because under normal cleaning conditions, the rod will not snap. The end of the rod is an absorbent cotton material, which for the bore cleaners, is oversized to fit snugly in order to thoroughly clean the rifling of your barrel. The breach cleaners are smaller and similar in size to an actual cotton swab. They are constructed of the same durable, yet flexible bamboo. These facilitate easy cleaning of all the nooks and crannies that the receiver of your firearm has. The advantage offered by the shape of these cleaning rods is that their round shape more properly cleans barrels than traditional flat, square patches. There are also plastic adapters offered for sale which allow you to attach the RamRodz to a barrel cleaning rod, which is necessary to clean the bores of long guns. The entire system is simplicity itself.

I decided to test the breach cleaners as well as the ones in the .22 Long Rifle, .38 Special and .45 Auto sizes. To give them a really good test run, I fired some dirty reloads through the three handguns, plus the filthiest factory loaded ammo that money can buy – Winchester white box. After over an hour and several hundred rounds at the range, I was ready for the tedious task of field stripping the weapons and cleaning them up. When I got to cleaning the bores out, I found that the rods fit very snug as I pulled them through the barrels. You could even hear it pull through as the fit is basically airtight. The imprints from the rifling were very prominent and the first couple rods I used came out very filthy. After using a few, the bores quickly came clean. I’ve been using traditional square patches for many years and I know that they can never do as thorough of a job as RamRodz do. The advantage of a larger, round-shaped cleaner as opposed to a flat, square patch will become obvious even before you’re finished cleaning your first gun with them.

The breach cleaning rods were even more helpful. They are perfectly sized and there are very few crevices that they can’t fit into. I guarantee that you will find at least one place you’ve never cleaned before because you didn’t have the right tool for the job (I found that I never really completely cleaned out the channel that my internal extractor on my 1911 fits into. Shame on me! The revolver enthusiast will find RamRodz to be an indispensable cleaning product. Massive amounts of time are saved by cleaning the individual chambers in the cylinder with this product as opposed to patches. No more fumbling with the patches and threading them onto a cleaning rod. You just simply pick up a RamRod and scrub them out. The whole process of cleaning out cylinder chambers is over in minutes.

The strength of the RamRodz product is in its sheer simplicity. They are easily twice as fast to use as traditional patches and they do a much more thorough job. Any surplus store, sporting goods store or gun shop should have this product on their shelves as a premium quality alternative to the products that are the old way of firearm maintenance. I say “old way,” because once you try RamRodz for yourself, you’ll never want to go back to way you cleaned your guns before. To do so again just wouldn’t make much sense!

Nightstick Flashlights


by Kyle MacNall

BAYCO Products Inc., has a tested and proven history in the lighting industry for over 30 years. Eight years ago they launched the Nightstick line of flashlights. These flashlights come in a wide range of options: size, color, functions and lumens. Nightstick has everything for somebody in law enforcement, security, hazardous material handling or for somebody who is just looking for a tactical flashlight with all the power and function of the big names at a fraction of the cost.

The TAC-560XL is part of Nightstick’s higher end TAC 500 Series of flashlights. It is a multi-function rechargeable and compact tactical flashlight. On high at 800 lumens the included lithium-ion battery is rated for 2 hours of run time and the light reaches out over 224 yards. At the low setting of 140 lumens, the run time extends to 8 hours and 45 minutes. On top of the rechargeable batteries, the TAC-560XL comes with a backup battery carrier for two CR-123 batteries. The light has 4 different settings with a momentary on, 3 levels of brightness and a strobe setting. By pressing the button all the way and holding it, the flashlight will cycle through the different levels of brightness starting with the brightest first. Just let go of the button at the desired level to remain on. Double clicking the button will enter the strobe mode which will momentarily disorient anybody on the receiving end. The flashlight also comes with both a wall and a car power supply and a charging station. The charging station has holes for mounting; however, the only down side is if you mount it to the wall or in the car the other power supply is now useless unless you can buy a second charging station. I chose to mount it in my truck using double sided tape and will now always have a charged light in my truck. If your customers are looking for a bright, reliable and rechargeable tactical light at a good price, the Nightstick TAC-560XL is perfect at an Average Retail Price of $107.95.

The Nightstick Mini-TAC Pro “MT-210” delivers 120 Lumens in a small package. It is perfect for every day carry, as a tactical light with your sidearm, or to throw in a survival bag. The MT-210 uses a single AA battery and measures in at only 4”. The light has the same multiple functions as with the TAC-560XL.  However, there is a little more of a learning curve, at least for me, with the MT-210 to cycle through these functions. In order to cycle through, the user must repeatedly press the button until the light begins to cycle through levels of brightness and eventually strobe. After reading the instructions, I found that the trick is not to press the button too quickly. The instructions say to press it with 2 second intervals. Other than this, the overall look, feel and function of the light is top notch. With a running time of 1.5 hours off a single AA battery and an Average Retail Price of only $26.95, this light will be a top seller in your store.

These are only two of a long list of new lights by Nightstick. Your customers are looking for the latest technology at a fair price. Go to to get the lights your customers have been looking for or contact Russell Hoppe, Bayco Products, Inc. Marketing Manager, at