By Kyle MacNall

Recently, I attended the Outdoor Retailer – OR – Show. The day before the show opens, they host a demo day up at the local state park. I was walking the demo area looking for new products to review when I saw a big, orange tent with a sign that said “Bripe.” There were a bunch of people standing around with little handheld torches and what looked like a copper pipe. There was no smoke rising around the tent, and the nearby security personnel obviously weren’t bothered by it. As I got closer, I realized they were brewing coffee in these little pipes. I had to try it out.

The name “Bripe” comes from coffee brew pipe. The user literally brews the coffee right in the pipe. It is marketed as an “ultra portable coffee brewing system.” Included in the Bripe kit are:

  • Copper Brew Pipe with Cork Handle
  • Metal Coffee Filter
  • Thermometer
  • Butane Blue Flame Torch
  • Copper Cooling Stand
  • Small Carrying Case for everything (7”x5”x1.5”)

To use the Bripe, first place the pipe on its stand and then slide the metal filter down into the cone of the pipe. Next, pour about five milligrams of ground coffee or tea into the bottom of the pipe, or just enough to cover the inner cone. Add water up to about a half inch below the top, leaving room to stir the grounds into the water without spilling. Place the thermometer into the hole attached to the filter to keep it upright in the coffee. Holding the Bripe in one hand by the cork handle, heat it from underneath with the blue flame torch provided in the kit. The bottom of the Bripe is designed with a deep cone indentation, making it easy to control the heat to the center and not out and around the outside of the pipe. Heat up to a maximum temperature of 185°F/85°C. This will take about one to three minutes. Place the pipe back on cooling stand and allow it to cool to about 140°F/65°C. If desired, add cream or sugar at this point. Make sure to hold the Bripe by the cork handle when picking it up. Blow gently through the pipe stem to create bubbles and clear the filter of any possible clogs. Be careful not to blow too hard or you’ll be wearing the coffee. Now suck the coffee through the Bripe stem and enjoy. 

The Bripe is a really cool and unique product for camping and emergencies. The whole kit is small and very easy to carry. The only downside would be that there is no room in the kit for additional butane. This would need to be carried separately for longer trips. The packaging and display is excellent for retail sales, grabbing the attention of customers right away with its bright orange design and an image of a guy using the Bripe. Inside are detailed written as well as graphical, step-by-step instructions.

The Bripe would make for an exciting new product in any camping, army navy or sporting goods store. There is simply nothing out there like it, and it immediately creates curiosity. The Bripe would make a great gift for any backpacker or camper. For more information, visit their website at For wholesale information and questions, contact inventor and founder Tim Panek via email: