Tell us about the history of your company

TREN, LLC (NAQWA USA) is the U.S. importer of NAQWA® high-quality and cost-effective portable drinking water solutions for bottled water replacement, emergency preparedness, field ops, military, campers, outdoorsmen, hikers, missionaries, rural communities and for travel. NAQWA is an acronym for NAno Quality WAter.

The company began operation in 2005 as a wholesale distributor of lifestyle, innovative, niche and specialty nutritional products and concepts, and is today a manufacturer, packager, wholesale distributor and marketer of varied natural products. TREN, LLC has been working with the NAQWA filtration product since fall of 2017.


What sort of products do you offer?

We offer two important products that apply to this industry, and both should be in everyone’s bug out bag.


1 – NAQWA SWR-SPRING is a gravity fed, high capacity, portable water filter with a weight of only 3.5 ounces, is good for multiple uses (filters up to 12 gallons per day, up to 5,000 gallons in a year). NAQWA is the safest, portable, open-type water filter in the world. It is a great compact product for backpackers, and is much more versatile than straw-type filters and safer to re-use. NAQWA uses molecular cleaning instead of charcoal filtration. The track membrane filter dries out completely and no bacteria can enter into it, unlike charcoal-based, closed-type filters that can harbor and grow bacteria inside the wet medium. The NAQWA track membrane filter was developed in the Russian nuclear technical centers: The tracks or pores have a diameter of .2 to .4 microns. NAQWA filters remove the most dangerous bacteria and many other items, but allow trace minerals to pass through the tracks or pores in the membrane.

Unique features of the track membrane are its ability not only to keep out the most dangerous bacteria, but through molecular cleaning of the water, to break up the larger clusters of water into smaller clusters of 5 to 20 molecules. This is the correct structure of water for better hydration of the body. Structured water is the water preferred by the human cell. It is the water we are born with. Additionally, the breakup of the larger molecular water clusters destroys the informational pollution found in standard water. This is the memory of all the drugs, pesticides, antibiotics and toxic emissions: literally, the memory of everything that water has been exposed to in its travels. Even if these toxic items have been filtered at the water processing plant, the memory of this toxic information lives on and is stored in the large clusters of standard water, and it causes the body harm unless it is removed through this molecular cleaning process. (Russian manufacture.)


2 – Pathogen AssassinTM Covalent Silver Ozone hydrosol. This is an alternative, holistic remedy. It is especially viable as a quick remedy for food poisoning, poisoning from the intake of contaminated water and any other emergency-related illness resulting from the ingestion of bad bugs. It is a great product for your bug out bag or to have at home in your cupboard, and is a significantly better solution than all other colloidal or ionic silver hydrosols found on the market. (U.S. manufacture.)


What are your best sellers?

Pathogen Assassin, by far, since NAQWA is still in its beginning stage of growth.


What makes your company unique?

TREN, LLC is an old-school company. We support brick-and-mortar stores, and when someone needs information, there is always someone available on the phone. We are a high-service supplier with products of excellent quality and reputation.


What can you tell us about the people who purchase your products?

These are consumers who want greater efficacy or reliability in products they purchase. They want the best. They are consumers who are also looking for integrity in a business world often lacking in it.


Is your business family-owned?

This business is owned by friends and family.


What advice might you give to small or family-owned businesses?

Offer great customer service. Show appreciation to your customers for their patronage, and try not to do business with suppliers that work against you with predatory online practices or otherwise. Get to know your suppliers before you do business with them. Work smart. Take advantage of sales and offers, and especially, be conscious of your online competition.


Do you use any sort of online resources, such as social media and eCommerce?

We primarily sell to brick-and-mortar. We are experimenting with Amazon on their exclusives program to increase product awareness and exposure. But, we are maintaining retail product pricing on Amazon.


What features of ST Magazine do you find enjoyable or useful?

I like the product reviews and the articles that are filled with great info.


Company name: TREN, LLC

Company address: 15548 Graham Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Company telephone: 714-891-3506 Toll Free: 888-600-(TREN) 8736