Tell us about the history of your company.
Eagle Crest was established in 1981 by our founder and owner Dan Libera. He was a naval pilot and is a Vietnam Veteran. While a reservist with the Navy, Dan saw an opportunity to offer Military insignia on soft nylon luggage. His goal was to embroider the hard earned, proudly worn insignia awarded to the men and woman of the armed forces on wallets, duffels, garment bags and carry-ons. Over the years, Eagle Crest has transitioned from insignia luggage to a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of an ever-increasing assortment of military insignia products. Dan started Eagle Crest literally out of the trunk of his car, eventually growing and expanding to the 23,000 square foot facility we operate out of today.

What sort of products do you offer?
Eagle Crest is a major supplier to the PX systems, active duty military units, ships, and to resellers around the world. We offer the largest collection of military, patriotic and spiritually themed caps, apparel, patches, coins, dog tags, pins, magnets and decals in the industry.


What are your best sellers?
Eagle Crest products sell very strongly across our entire line so to ask us to pick a specific best seller is a tough question. Eagle Crest is well known in the industry for our innovative designs and top quality products. We have the largest selection of caps, coins, dog tags and apparel designs in our market.

What makes your company unique?
What makes Eagle Crest so unique is we design all our in-house products, and we have the ability to manufacture both made in the USA and imported products. Eagle Crest is very proud to have the largest embroidery facility in North Florida. Since we are the manufacturer, Eagle Crest has the facility to offer custom products throughout all of our product lines. Our highly skilled and experienced in-house art department can convert any image or idea to the digital format best suited for embroidery, screen printing, and 2 or 3 dimensional products. We excel at designing custom coins, dog tags, decals and caps to our customers unique specifications. Eagle Crest designs and stocks products that are approved and licensed through each branch of service.

What can you tell us about the people who purchase your products?
Eagle Crest is very proud to have the most loyal customers in the business: from large to small, all are very important to us. Our customers have the confidence Eagle Crest stands behind our product and we guarantee the sale of our stock, non-discontinued product. Very few companies in our industry do this. We have customers that attend trade shows specifically to meet with us and see our new products. We are a very customer centric company and will do whatever necessary to take care of each individual customer no matter what the need is.


Is your business a family-owned business?

Eagle Crest, Inc. is a family owned business. Once an Eagle Crest customer, you become part of our family too. Dan, his wife and two daughters form the core of the Eagle Crest family. When not in school, his two daughters intern during the summer to learn the business and help us grow as a company.

What advice might you give to small or family-owned businesses?
Always treat your customers and your employees with respect. These two important aspects of the business are what make a company successful. Our customers not only continue to come back because of our great designs and amazing prices but they come back because our team works hard for them every day.

Do you use any sort of online resources, such as social media and eCommerce?
Eagle Crest launched a new state of the art, wholesale website in July 2015. Our new website is a very large upgrade from our previous website. There are several major differences. The most important is now you can order and pay directly from the website. Pricing and quantity on hand is only available to customers who log in. This is a wholesale only website, no retail orders are accepted. New customers can contact us with their business information and we can set them up immediately to start ordering. The new website is also more organized and customer friendly. The feedback that we have received from our customers has been very positive. We have increased our marketing this year to include weekly email blasts with specials and to introduce new products. A Facebook account was created to allow us and our customers a unique way to show our product and to communicate with our employees.

If so, what would you recommend to surplus and outdoor stores do to take advantage of this medium?
Log on to our website, or if you do not have a login, contact me directly, Kevin Mack at 800-874-1410 x226 or All new customers receive free delivery on their first order and our minimums are just $100. We are very easy to work with and look forward to hearing from you.


What features of Surplus Today do you find enjoyable or useful?
Surplus Today allows Eagle Crest to showcase our products to a focused customer group. We utilize the weekly email blasts to help increase our visibility and offer our customers great sale prices.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Eagle Crest takes great pride that we are strictly a wholesale company. We do not sell retail or compete with our valued customers. Our owner and management team stand firmly in being honest and straightforward with all of our current and potential customers. We attend many trade shows throughout the year and the amount of our valued customers that make the trip to visit us, to see our new product lines, and just say thank you is very humbling. Our customers love our products and our service. They know that Eagle Crest stands behind what we sell and if there is ever a problem we will take care of them, no questions asked.

Eagle Crest, Inc.
5357 Ramona Blvd
Jacksonville, Florida 32205