Raina Kuptz


If you are an outdoor photographer or anyone else who has ever needed to cart around camera equipment while on the go, you know it’s not a simple task. Spare batteries, memory cards, lenses and other camera gear add up to a lot of parts to keep track of, and a lot of weight to lug around, especially when you need your hands free. The Fox Field Photo Bag is designed to address these challenges, and it does it well.

The Field Photo Bag is 15”x10”x6”, smaller than your average backpack but larger than your standard camera bag. The main section has stiff sides to keep contents safe; inside are seven fabric-coated dividers with Velcro on the ends that stick to the inside. The dividers can be configured to create sections for your camera and gear, so nothing shakes loose and moves around during transport.

The bag has many pockets. A zip pouch is on the outside of the back, with Velcro for affixing other things as needed. Inside the pouch is another Velcro-closed pouch with modular webbing and pockets of various sizes. One side has a mesh pocket with a drawstring for holding a water bottle, and an additional zip pocket. The other side pocket opens into the main section for easy access, and includes a smaller pocket with easily accessible sections for memory cards and small gear. The back of the main section has a large pocket with enough space for folders and papers. Finally, the bag contains six see-through pockets on the inside of the main section.

The Field Photo Bag has a top carry handle, one adjustable shoulder strap and two waist straps, all of which are padded. The buckles are large and high quality, and are positioned so that they don’t get in the way. Along with padding on the straps, the back is padded for further comfort. The undersides of the straps have textured fabric to help hold it on place on the shoulder.

The field bag has sections of MOLLE-compatible webbing and Velcro for added gear, along with an additional strap and buckle, and paracord pull tabs for the zippers. The entire bag is made of tactical nylon. The outside is black and the inside is a lighter grey, making items easier to find. An all-grey version is also available.

The Field Photo Bag is easy to wear. One strap, rather than two straps, makes it easy to sling over a shoulder and easy to remove. Need to make sure the bag is secure for a longer hike to a remote area for photos? That’s where waist straps come in, securing the bag for the long haul and adding a little more balance to what otherwise might be a rather asymmetrical hiking posture.

Finally, the Field Photo Bag feels solid and of quality materials. The zippers are sturdy, the buckles are solid plastic and do not feel frail. The nylon is thick and likely to keep the elements away from your photo gear. The padding is thick enough that if the dividers are placed appropriately, your camera is likely to be safe if you or the bag takes a tumble.

The Field Photo Bag is a solid, sturdy bag for carrying cameras and equipment out into the field. Designed with plenty of pockets and space, it can hold most of the camera gear you’ll need while out and about, from spare memory cards and batteries, to extra lenses and paperwork. The Field Photo Bag is made by Fox Outdoor and is designed especially for the professional photographer looking for a durable bag for fieldwork.