By J.D. Williams

As any person who has ever spent time in the outdoors knows, one of the most important things one has to be able to do in that environment is to start and maintain a fire. This is especially true when trying to cook foods via a canteen. Finding a source of fuel that will work with the needs of cooking can be a challenge, and that is why RSD Solutions offers its Pyropac fuel gel.


Pyropac gel and its Military-packaged counterpart Milpac are sold in packs of three 5”x3” pouches, and come with instructions and a small, folding aluminum stove you can place your canteen into. Humorous quotes of Murphy’s laws of combat are printed on each of the pouches. The stove is unspectacular, and requires some assembly. It is easily replaced if you have your own canteen holder. The most important features are the gels, which are made of diethylene glycol. The gel is non-toxic and non-explosive, and makes for an odorless, colorless, smokeless, alcohol-based fire. This gel is durable, cold resistant and will not melt. It burns at temperatures as high as 1358 degrees F, and was also tested to light up at up to 10,000 feet of elevation.


Jon Ross invented Pyropac as a safe heat source alternative for people in the military and on search-and-rescue missions. It is utilized by simply placing a liberal amount of Pyropac gel inside your fire-safe can or canteen, lighting some form of tinder (a twig would do) and throwing it in. Be sure to shield your can from the wind. It could take a few minutes for the gel to heat up and catch fire, but once it does, it will burn nonstop for a very long time, until the gel is completely burned.

Whether you are a camper, an outdoors enthusiast, or an emergency prepper, you are going to be looking for safe, efficient ways to cook meals and stay warm while outdoors. RSD Solutions’ Pyropac is an effective solution to that need. It is portable, storable and nonhazardous.