Tell us about the history of your company.

Witz Sport Cases has been manufacturing quality waterproof sport cases since 1991. Witz started in a one-car garage in Los Altos, California, and currently operates in a 3500 square foot building in Rancho Cordova, California. Over the years, Witz has believed that customer service is the most important aspect of running a successful business. Witz prides itself on quick turnaround times, typically shipping orders the day they are received.

What products do you offer, and what are your top sellers?

Witz offers an entire line of plastic waterproof cases. All of our cases are made of durable ABS plastic and float when dropped in the water. Currently, our best-selling items are our See It Safe Badge Holders and our Floatable Waterproof Soft Pouch. The Soft Pouch is waterproof to 65 feet and floats in the water, unlike some of the other pouches on the market.

Are there any new or unique products coming up?

Currently, because of the COVID-19 virus, we are not bringing in any new items until things get back to normal.

Why do dealers choose your products over
your competitors’?

One of the reasons our customers like our products is because we normally ship orders the day we receive them. Imprinted orders take a little longer, but those usually

will ship within a week of our receiving the order.

What types of stores carry your products, and who is the end consumer?

Our customer base includes large retailers like Bass Pro, Disney, REI, etc. We also sell to mom-&-pop stores as well as to accounts internationally. Our end consumers are typically people who are on the go and enjoy the outdoors.

What challenges have you seen recently in your industry, and what are you doing to overcome them?

One of the hardest parts of doing business right now is getting the products into our warehouse. There are huge delays at the ports at the moment, which are delaying our containers by three to four weeks. We have also cut down on the number of colors we are bringing in so we can bring in more of our better selling colors, which allows us to keep orders going out the door.

What advice do you have for independent retailers facing the same challenges?

The only advice I would give to retailers is to watch the amount of inventory they are bringing in. With the uncertainly of businesses temporally closing you don’t want to be sitting on a ton of inventory when your doors are shut.

What is your order process and turnaround time for dealers?

Most of the orders we receive come in through email. We try and ship orders the same day they are received, with imprinted orders talking a few days longer.

We do not have a minimum order quantity unless you want your logo imprinted on the cases, then the minimum is 100 units. There is no charge to have your logo imprinted on the cases if the 100 piece minimum is met. You can also mix the styles to reach 100 units.


Witz Sport Cases
11423 Sunrise Gold Cir. Suite 16 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742